This is the place to learn about and buy the most innovative electric kalimbas on Earth!

Kalimba 1

My name is David Bellinger and I have been inventing and building kalimbas for 20 years. I have taken the beautifully simple African idea of a "thumb piano" and expanded it with my creativity, craftsmanship, and engineering into a modern electronic instrument.

All these years I have experimented widely and now I make kalimbas with wonderful features found on no other instruments on Earth. Each kalimba you will see here is individually handmade by me with a serial number stamped in its aluminum bridge. There is no factory, no sales force, just one dedicated artist-inventor making sawdust and magic.

Kalimba 2

Jump to 2020. My name is Darrin Wiener. I was David's assistant from 2007 to 2012.

Since 2016, I have been working with the permission and license from David. We are working together to bring his Kalimbas back to you. We will slowly go through his archive of eKalimbas and bring them into the world again for all to share.