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  This is the place to learn about and buy the most innovative electric kalimbas on Earth!

  My name is David Bellinger and I have been inventing and building kalimbas for 20 years. I have taken the beautifully simple African idea of a "thumb piano" and expanded it with my creativity, craftsmanship, and engineering into a modern electronic instrument.

  All these years I have experimented widely and now I make kalimbas with wonderful features found on no other instruments on Earth. Each kalimba you will see here is individually handmade by me with a serial number stamped in its aluminum bridge. There is no factory, no sales force, just one dedicated artist-inventor making sawdust and magic.

please email me or call with any questions



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this kalimba displays the ex-bridgable feature      RK393  $250


solid body electric kalimbas are very comfortable to hold and easy to play.

RK 433

please email me with any questions

RK 433 a big, loud box. 11.5" x 8" x 4.75"
tuned to C major  $300

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